About Heather Connor

Heather Connor is a real estate professional in both Crested Butte, Colorado and San Diego California.  She founded, operated and after 15 years, sold a successful real estate management business. Her past experience of HOA management, vacation, long-term and commercial rentals acts as a helpful resource to aid clients in their real estate journey.

Heather is a firm believer in the leverage of real estate to increase or change one’s financial legacy. She secured her first real estate investments in her 20’s and has further invested in single-family, short & long-term rentals, land and commercial real estate.  She finds joy in helping others increase their wealth through real estate and has a personal passion of helping others find more quality in their life by sharing stories and strategies through her podcast GoodLife.

When Heather is not working, you can usually find her hanging with her pup Sasha, hitting some hot yoga, dirt biking or getting lost in her endless stack of books.

Subscribe to Heather’s VIP list by emailing vip@sandiegolives.com to receive relevant and thoughtful data on the local San Diego real estate market. If you love geeking out on life hacks, follow her podcast GoodLife: Real Women, Elevated.  You can find her on Spotify, Apple and other major formats.