Congratulations on Starting your Buyer Journey

The initial process of searching for a home can be both exhilirating and sometimes overwhelming. We addressed the “overwhelm aspect” by creating a simple and detailed plan for you called the Ultimate Buyer Experience.

Since we just completed the Data Information Phase where we were able to learn a lot more about you and what you are looking for, we are now moving to the Search & Home Tour Phase. This is exactly as it sounds and we explain the steps below.

The Ultimate Buyer Experience

What Happens Next in the Search & Home Tour Phase


1.  Sign the Exclusive Right to Buy Contract.  Once you’ve reviewed your Exclusive Right to Buy Contract, you can easily digi-sign from your computer, tablet or phone. Please note that this form must be signed for us to be able to show you homes and represent you as your real estate agent.  

2.  Loan Pre-Approval Letter.  The Loan Pre-Approval Letter is necessary for us to understand what you qualify for so you don’t lose precious time during this important process.  As well, most savvy sellers will not entertain an offer unless this is submitted along with the purchase offer.  If you are already pre-qualified, great job and please email to our team:  If you are not, no sweat, that is what we are here for.  Look below in buyer resources to view a list of great lenders and we can start this process! (Psst: this form is called:  Loan pre-approval & List of Lenders: Simple Process to Follow.)

2. Property Searches.  You will receive an email with an initital set of properties based on our discussion of your preferences.  This includes location, amenities and price-point.  As well, my team will set up an automated search alert so you are notified immediately when a new property is listed that may be of interest to you.  You may also like to browse popular sites such as Zillow, Redfin or  Just ensure that you forward the listing and any questions to our team so we can gain you inside access, get you correct answers and ultimately ensure you are protected during this research process.

3.  Look at Homes.  You have been searching and found a few homes that peak your interest.  Now we get to see them in “real life”, so let us know your earliest (and multiple time-frames) for availability to view the homes. *Please note that your schedule may not allow you to tour the home in-person. Life is busy and we don’t want you to miss out because of a schedule conflict.  If this is you let us know, and we can Facetime you in real-time from the property for a virtual walkthrough.  During this home tour process, you may look at one, you may look at many.  Most clients tend to view around 3-6 homes prior to deciding to make an offer. You may view less, you may view more.  It’s your journey. Something that often helps is if you print out copies of the House-Hunting Checklist. This is a great resource to print-out and bring to the property so you can make notes to review later.  

4. Open Houses.  Realtors hold open houses on a regular basis and this is a good way to gain easy access to tour a home.  Ensure that you immediately inform the agent that you have a realtor.  When you sign in, if it makes you feel more comfortable, you’re welcome to input your name, but my email and phone number on the sign-in sheet.  Ensure you read the What You Must Know When Looking at Homes sheet as this will protect you as a buyer.

5.  Make an Offer!  This takes us to the next phase in the Ultimate Buyer Experience called the Offer Phase!  Don’t worry, we will email you this link when we get to this phase.  However, some of you are on a quick deadline, so you can preview by clicking HERE.

The Ultimate Buyer Resources