Ultimate Seller Process™
Step 3: In Escrow

Congratulations you are in escrow and here's what happens next.
This means that we have accepted an offer on the sale of your home and are moving forward into the next phase of your sales process.  This next phase is when the buyer will deposit earnest funds with title while we work through any contingencies listed in the contract. Contingencies will include items such as inspections, appraisal, title work and so forth. (If this is an all-cash offer and contingencies have been waived, then this section will be skipped and we will move straight to Step 4 in the Ultimate Seller Process.

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-Sign outstanding documents. While it is always good practice to review and sign immediately, this is a friendly reminder.

-The buyers will schedule an inspection time, the apprasial company will schedule their walk-through time.  It is reccomended that your home is in show-ready condition for the appraiser.  For reference, we included the Pre-Showing Checklist™ in the resources below.


During buyer inspections please plan to be out of the home for the duration of the inspections and plan accordingly as the inspections will take several hours. On average, each particular inspection can range from 2-4 hrs depending on the size, condition of the home, as well as the speed of that particular inspector. Types of inspections can include general home inspections, pest/termite, roof, pool, HVAC (heat/air-conditioning unit), electrical, plumbing, window.  There may also be structural, mold,or chimney inspections.  Depending on the property there may be a well or septic inspection or a request for a surveyor to create a survey of the property to confirm property boundaries. You can also anticipate buyers requesting acccess for their contractors for future flooring, painting, remodeling.  The good news is that you do not need to clean and prep the home in show-ready condition for these activities.


-Buyer’s Request for Repair are typically submitted a day or two prior to their contingecy removal deadline.  Sometimes same day, so be prepared for this to be submitted more last minute.  Your time to respond will be shown in your dates and deadlines in the e-calendar, and of course you can ask us.


Check your e-calendar timeline for important contract updates, ensure your printed version is the most recent.  (If you sign any amend/extends, this may alter some dates & deadlines.)


Schedule and confirm dates with movers and cleaners.


Gather important numbers -you may find that many helpful numbers listed in the Important Numbers Guide below. However, your specific insurance company or other items specific to you and your property will most likely not be listed in our general guide below.


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