Ultimate Seller Process™
Step 1: Decision to List

Congratulations on deciding to list your home for sale, here’s what happens next. Now that all listing paperwork has been signed, this step in the process in an important piece of your seller journey. This is where our team will gather even more information about your home, arrange photography and videography, and provide you with valuable resources to get your home show ready.

Here we are, initiating the big journey of listing your home for sale. While we know you may not sell or buy homes that often, we perform this type of work almost every day. We have created the Ultimate Seller Process in an effort to reduce any stress you may be experiencing. Rest asured that we have a clear plan for you. We also promise that we will always share what will happen next so you feel (and actually are) prepared. For those of you that love to see the entire picture, we've included a PDF of the full Ultimate Seller Process™ below. For future knowledge, you will always receive an email with a link to the relevant webpage. That webpage will always explain where you are in the process, what to expect next, a quick video as well as relevant seller resources. Of course, you can always reach out to myself or my team if you have any questions.

Now, while our team works on our big fun list to ensure we properly showcae your property to the world, please take the time to complete the following forms below.

-The Details About Your Homeis an online form where you can easily input specific details about your home to ensure we have the most up-to-date and accurate information for when we list in the MLS (Multiple Listing Service.) This form is hyperlinked to to the online form in the seller resources below. If you are not a fan of techy-tech, we understand and will happily arrange a phone call and we will complete this with you.

-The Owner's Association Detailsis also an online form to verify important information about any owner's association your home may be a part of. If there is no HOA, just let our team know in any manner you prefer. Email, text, pigeon carrier. Again, if you are not a fan of tech, just let us know and we can hop on a call and assist with this form.

-The Pre-Shoot Checklistensures that your home is PSR (photo-shoot-ready) which avoids unnessary delays in getting your home on the active market. You will want to plan to have the home PSR and be sure to plan 4-8 hours away from the home. The exact amount of time is a combination of how prepared the home is, the size of the home and the number of rooms. Just be aware if the home is far from being PSR ready, there is a chance the photo or video shoot may be cancelled, which will delay our time for getting the home on-market. Ps: It's always better to error on the side of giving the photographer and videographer plenty of time so as to ensure we capture the proper media and your home can be properly and beautifully showcased. If you have to make special arrangements to leave the home, let us know and we can text or call you when the filming is complete so you know when you can return.

Curious what is our team doing behind the scenes - here's a small peek:

-Collecting and organizing additional information so we ensure we properly promote your home

-Creating and reviewing creative with our media team

-Launching Coming Soon campaigns upon multiple platforms.

-Drafting emails to our vast buyer, local agent and referral agent databases.

-Creating creative and posts for Facebook, Google, Instagram and Youtube marketing, and so forth.

-Creating beautiful listing flyers, your custom website, squeeze pages and landing pages.

-Completing your MLS listing, organizing it to portray the best features of your home.

-Creating Deal of the Week, mailer campaigns, organizing lockboxes, property signs.

-The list is long and we wont bore you with all the details, since that's why you hired us. To take care of the details.

Your San Diego Lifestyle Agent,
Heather Connor

Seller Resources

Details About Your Home (Online Form)

Owner's Association Details

Preparing for Photos & Videos