Winter in San Diego Surprised Me – Written by a Colorado Gal

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Winter in San Diego Surprised Me – Written by a Colorado Gal

As a gal from Colorado, I am no stranger to cold and snowy winters. But when I first started splitting time between Crested Butte and San Diego, I was in for a surprise.

First of all, let me share where I come from.  Crested Butte is a tiny ski resort in Colorado where the townsite lives at 8,885 ft.  The highest point is called The Peak and is a portion of our ski mountain where you can hike to in hiking or ski boots, depending on the season and elevation clocks in at 12,162 ft.

Due to that high elevation, temperatures in our mountains are ideal in the prime summer. In fact many folks from Texas, Oklahoma and the Colorado front-range flock to our town during the prime summer months.  Many folks even own second-homes and will luxuriate in the idyllic weather and the wildflowers. 

However, those same homes tend to be less occupied in our winters when temperatures can easily reach the negatives.  And actually, fun fact, the coldest temperature recorded was February 6, 1982 and it reached -47 degrees.  Now while that was a historic low, we can easily reach negative temperatures throughout the winter-time.  So with all this being said, winter in San Diego should feel like summer year-round to me.

For starters, the temperature in San Diego rarely drops below 50 degrees Fahrenheit, even at night. This means that you can still enjoy outdoor activities without having to bundle up in heavy layers. In my winters here, I’ve had a few early mornings that were in the 40’s as I jumped in my vehicle to head to an early spin or yoga class.  I started out just running out the door in my yoga pants and tank top and hopping into my respective workout class.  On my drive, I would see locals bundled up in huge (and I mean huge) puffy jackets, winter hats and gloves.  I was confused at the layers + outerwear that we Coloradans reserved for days that were around 10 degrees and lower.

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So as I continued to experience various versions of winter, many were spent sitting in the sun and getting a little tan.  Sometimes I would throw on a light sweatshirt.  I would love the fact that I didn’t have to shovel piles of snow off the car or chip away ice on the windshield.  The most “horrific” winter days in San Diego, it just rained.  I loved it as it meant my trees and plants were getting fresh rain water.  The locals would stay locked into their homes.  I saw Tiktoks on how the Californian’s would praise themselves for living through the massive rain storms.  Funny for sure. . . but funny because it almost seemed truthful. . . 

So time continues.  The temperatures continues to fluctuate.  Sometimes as low as mid 40’s, sometimes as high as low 70’s.  Sometimes rain that would shut the city down.  I learned to appreciate the mild weather.

Then something happened.  One morning as I headed to an early spin class at Liberty Station, I was cold. So I put a puffy jacket on over my tank top.  I realized what I was doing and took it off and put on a lighter jacket. My pride of being a “mountain gal” wouldn’t let me do it.  So I wore the lighter jacket, turned on my seat warmer and drove to spin class.  

The San Diego winter weather continued to fluctuate.  I continued to head to morning spin or yoga classes. Then one day it happened. I didn’t care.  I got out of bed, I was cold and put on my puffy jacket.  I felt like a failure and I had to process this situation while performing my hot yoga that morning.

So, yes, San Diego winters are beautiful.  In fact, the year-round weather is so mild that there’s a reason that San Diego is consistently ranked as one of the top most desirable places to live in the US. The winter can sometimes feel like spring and sometimes feel like full-blown summer weather.  The coldest days are still mild.  However, I dare say that I was surprised as how quickly I adapted to throwing on a warm jacket when the temps dipped.

So my summary is that San Diego winters are pretty tough to beat from a lifestyle standpoint.  However, for you die-hard cold-weather buffs out there, be prepared.  You may find yourself enjoying the weather so much, that you are okay with getting a little “soft”.

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